Writer’s Block Musings Part 1

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I really didn’t feel like writing this week. Not sure why — just didn’t want to.

I dragged myself through half of another article, but wasn’t happy with it.

Now it’s 4:58 PM on Friday, and I know I have to throw something up before the day ends.

I figured I’d cheat a little and write a quick article about writer’s block.

I love videos of world-famous musicians performing in front of tiny crowds.

Unlike in business, writing, or any other form of content creation, you can actually see the amount of people increase.

Check out this video of Travis Scott before he was Travis Scott. Would you have had the audacity to scream at such a small crowd to put their hands up?

Travis did, and that’s why his crowds look like this now.

Or look at this photo of Russ from 2014.

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Then watch this.

Although inspiring, these videos can be deceptive because they don’t show us all the work that went into turning those early scenes into what we see today.

I’m sure both artists have thousands of terrible beats and songs we’ll never hear.

I’m sure there were days they didn’t feel like making music.

I’m also sure they did it anyway.

For whatever reason, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to write a good article this week. I told myself I’d post every Friday, so I’m throwing this up anyway.

I’m only writing to a few people right now, so I’m not too stressed about it.

Hopefully this will be my version of a small crowd performance leading up to a stadium crowd performance.

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